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Why you should rush for R2

Today I want to talk about the R2 for the protagonist and why you should try to get it as fast as possible even if it might neglect some other ninja.

  • Timely Shower Skill
  • More Stats make him a viable assaulter for PvE
  • A LOT more Silver
  • A LOT more Experience
  • You can focus completely on other ninja afterwards.
  • Unlocks Devil Tails 6+
  • Don’t loose experience if you are already R1-50

If you use the potency to R1 other ninja you get

  • 30% Skill Growth
  • More Stats
  • Ability to use R1 gear.

Now lets compare the amount of silver you get.

Arena – Rank 2 – 6,72m
Arena Fights – 550k silver~ (depends on opponents level too)
Tournament – Rank 1 – 19m silver and 13m experience
Tournament – Rank 51-200 2,7-3,7m silver and 1,8-2,8m experience
Arena – Rank 2 – 21m silver (Around 2m~ silver difference each rank)
Arena Fights – 1,17m silver~ (depends on opponents level too)
Tournament – Rank 1 – 57m silver and 35m experience
Tournament – Rank 51-200 8-11m silver and 5-7m experience
Arena – Rank 2 – 38m silver (Around 2m~ silver difference each rank)
Arena Fights – 1,5m silver~ (depends on opponents level too)
Tournament – Rank 1 – 96m silver and 64m exp.
Tournament – Rank 51-200 13-18m silver and 9-12m experience

As you can see there is a huge difference and this keeps going on for pretty much everything, rebels, beast, guild tree, rewards from mails etc. It’s quite easy to level a ninja from 0 to 120 for reincarnation where you would spend millions of silver on exp scrolls. Valuable silver you can spend on other things like beast. Each day you are stuck at R1 is a day wasted with lots of resources.

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  • Chris Green

    very useful information. I would have R1 Toneri had I not seen this first

    • Ernesto Gastelum

      you can still reincarnate at least one more ninja since its gonna take time to reach R1 lvl 50

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum

    Hey, when you reach R1-1 you start to win better potency pills. (treasure map)
    Is it the same for R2? or you win the same as a R1 ninja?

    • Trickz

      They stay same as R1

  • slevin mcdouche

    the silver increase in arena, does it also depends on how many in tops are r1? Arena – Rank 2 – 6,72m,

    • Trickz

      No it does not. It’s around 2m silver gain per level so if your fresh R2 it takes a bit.

      • slevin mcdouche

        thanks 😀

  • Paulo Torres

    “If you use the potency to R1 other ninja you get…”
    about use it from main? Oo

  • adamanthe

    Trickz, are you saying it is worth it to inherit your main’s potency to RI another ninja? Won’t it matter on his damage to lost all his potency?

    • Trickz

      Thats something you gotta decide for yourself.