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Which ninja to get? What is better for my Team? Should I get X or X?

Ninja are confused and attack their own team with basic attack, the ninja still generate fury.

Damage over Time effect in depth guide here

Defense Multiplier

Damage Multiplier

Physical Defense - Decrases damage taken by Physical Attacks – Scales with your Force

Strategy Defense - Decrases damage taken by Strategy Attacks – Scales with your Chakra

Incrases the damage done – Scales with your Force/Chakra

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

These are questions I see and get everyday and my answer is usually the same. Look at the pros and cons of a ninja and take what suits you best. There is no absolute answer because each case is different, each person has different reasons, different progress, different goals and different limits.

While player A seems DoT effects as something almighty and something every ninja he buys should have, player B does not care about them especially because he has the attack to break defense in PvE.
While player A prefers damage rate because he can out speed anyone in PvP player B prefers avoid injury because he knows he will not attack first and that extra avoid injury lets him survive.
While player A prefers chaos as solution in PvE player B does not care about it because he can’t even attack
While player A prefers Toneri for the utility player B prefers Shin and Christmas Itachi for the passive speed buffs.

I could go on and on, but as you can already see it’s not the same for everyone. So before you get a ninja you have to ask yourself. What do I want to achive? Do I want to progress further in PvE? Do I want to get the edge in PvP? Then look at the ninjas and pick what suits you best.

Below you find some articels that might help you to choose the right ninja for you.

Event Ninja the cost efficent way
Speed Buff and Debuff VS Attack Debuff
The Importance of PvE
Why you should not buy old Event Ninja
Best Assaulter Protagonist or Event Ninja?
Buffs and Debuff Guide


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  • Exceed

    Trickz I want to increase my damage in beast/rebels. Which ninja should I get? Current formation: Toneri – Haku – Kaguya Rabbit – Susanoo Kakashi

    Order – Kakashi goes first for the damage buff ->Toneri->Kaguya->Haku->Main(Power Smash)

    I can one shot up to wave 63 and almost one shot wave 64.

    • calmchaos3

      I suggest reading Trickz’ guide on beast/rebels here:

      You’re going to want to replace Kaguya with either R. Naruto or Eight Gates Gai.
      That’ll boost your damage by a lot.

      Next, for max buffs you’re going to need to switch out Haku for Reanimated Nagato and Kakashi for Hamura. If you don’t want to get Hamura, that’s fine. Just have S.Kakashi go after R.Naruto/8GG, so you don’t overwrite R.Nagato’s buff with S.Kakashi’s.

      However, I do highly suggest getting R.Nagato to replace Haku especially because Haku doesn’t give Toneri any fury. Every little bit of fury helps to increase your damage in beast/rebels.

      • Exceed

        Kaguya does more damage than R.Naruto. I tested them both when they had same attack. Also isnt Hinata better since she gives damage rate? or is Attack buff better?

        • calmchaos3

          Hinata would be an ok choice if you opt to keep Kakashi. She’ll do a ton more damage than Nagato, but your other ninja will suffer as a result.

          If possible, you want both a damage rate buff and an attack one on your big hitter when it uses its skill. A 30% attack buff *is* going to increase your damage more than a 15% damage rate buff.

          A 15% attack + 15% damage rate buff combo is actually lower than just the 30% attack buff on its own. Also, DoTs don’t even use your damage rate. Of course, the majority of your damage doesn’t come from them in beast/rebels, but it’s worth it to mention.

          Feel free to test it all in-game if you want. You can use Trickz’ All in One calculator to quickly check things though.

          Oooh, it’s very interesting that Kaguya does more damage than R.Naruto. Haven’t tested that myself, so thanks for telling me. I assume it’s because of her passive damage rate.

  • Exceed

    Seperate question: What is Kakashi speed in top kage? Even with Kaguya speed buff I cant outspeed him. My toneri speed is 900k.

    • Trickz

      No idea. You can check my older videos on youtube maybe you find some clues there.

      • Exceed

        Can you respond to my other question about which member to get? Hinata or Nagato? Is damage rate better than attack buff for beast and rebels?

        • Trickz

          You can check the calculator to see what benefits you more. These are questions I cannot answer.

  • Jason Gordon

    hey u guys think indra is better than toneri

    • Trickz

      Whole thread dedicated for your question. Pick what you like, both have cons and pros.