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Useability of Special Equipment

Defense Multiplier

Damage Multiplier

Physical Defense - Decrases damage taken by Physical Attacks – Scales with your Force

Strategy Defense - Decrases damage taken by Strategy Attacks – Scales with your Chakra

Incrases the damage done – Scales with your Force/Chakra

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

Increases Speed. The ninja with highest Speed attacks first

Increases the Physical Attack + Defense

Increases Strategy Attack + Defense

Increases Health Points.

Today I want to talk about special equipment, a list of all special equipment can be found hereThe current most common set combination is 2-2-2 to increase avoid injury. Read here to learn why avoid injury is so powerful.

If you want to use special equipment, like the full Ice Set or Sage set you sacrifice a lot while having insane cost to aquire a full set, which is in my opinion not worth most of the times. Let’s compare some sets, below you see some examples.

Defensiv Oriented Set Builds
In the end you have to decide for yourself, if the additional cost is worth the amount of bonus stats you get, but in most cases it won’t do anything gamebreaking and the gold spend might be better invested in other things for now. It is also important to keep in mind set effects are only active for the ninja who has equiped the set, this also applies for special bonuses like ignore defense and weaken attack.

Offensiv Oriented Set Builds

Comparison of Stats R1 vs Christmas Set

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  • Hristo Petkov

    What about 4 parts cristmass + R1 2 parts

    • Trickz

      Works also, this was just to give a example.

  • Yeager

    Gear special effects like weaken enemy def acts like a passive buff right? while limited to the nin its equipped on, it does scale with the passive bonusses of lets say, shin?

    Im about 99% sure the answer is yes, i just want to make sure 😀

    • Trickz

      Yes but only for the ninja equiped. As example CG Kaguya + 6PC Christmas = 60% attack reduce, BUT only on Kaguya. All other ninja will get only 30% from kaguyas talent.

      • Alin

        What do you mean ,,only on Kaguya” . Kaguya + 6pc Christmas isn’t supposed to reduce enemy attack by 60%?

        • Trickz

          It does but ONLY for Kaguya since Kaguya is wearing the christmas set. All other ninja still take dmg as only 30% attack was reduced which comes from Kaguyas talent.

  • Eh

    Why is it that S Forge Oracle doesn’t exist yet?

    • Trickz

      It exists why would it not exist?

      • Eh

        I’ve never seen it on the wiki or any players before. I figured it wasn’t a thing.I have no idea what the stats are. All the wiki’s only have equipment up to Oracle non-S forged.

  • Kuro Usagi

    hey Trickz…can I ask what’s the ratio between Agility and speed…I mean how much speed would I gain if I raised my Ninja’s agility by 1??? (sr bad English)

    • Trickz

      It differs for each ninja, based on agi talent, jades and speed talent. You can use the calc for that though.

      • Kuro Usagi

        oh thanks…didn’t know the Ultimate Calc have that…

      • Kuro Usagi

        oh and 1 more thing…my Re.Nagato is using R1 set right now…if i replace it with Sage set will the 8k agility bonus make it up to the R1 boot’s stat loss??? since the R1 boot’s enchantment & fortify stats are higher than the sage boot’s

        • Trickz

          It depends… on different factors you have to check it with the calc yourself.

          • Marco Rasero

            In your opinion, what is the best offensive set of 4?

  • Paulo Torres

    Hi Tricks, great job dude!

  • Elleanore

    hmm i count something in my mind. If somebody will have U. Hinata, G. Kaguya, I. Sasuke and whole xmas gear. After hinata’s skill everyone will had 105% attack reduction and unkillable in pve without cc’s. It is right or debuff stacking works differently? I know that passive normaly stacks, but idk about gear (i know that gear wokrs only for owner). Anyone think about this idea?

    • Trickz

      It should stack, but the only way to know for sure is to test.

  • Marco Rasero

    In your opinion what is the best set between the two indicated above?

    38% damage rate, 5k speed.
    40% damage rate, 3k Agility, 4k force/chakra and 6k power.

    • Trickz

      There is no absolut answer, take what suits you better.
      One gives more speed. One gives more dmg rate and force/chakra/power…

      • Marco Rasero

        Which aims to increase the damage done, in your opinion, which do you prefer between the two?
        Speed is also very important to do damage.

        • Trickz

          Like I said there is no absolut answer, each case is different. If you have high force/chakra jade the 4k chakra/force COULD be a higher increase then 2% damage rate. You have to check it yourself. The tools are there in the damage calc.

          • Marco Rasero

            I put them in 1 suppl n 3 ass.
            What would you do?

          • Marco Rasero

            When put on sale again christmas set?

          • Trickz

            Who knows just follow events.

          • Marco Rasero

            In your opinion, for now, not worth investing money in these Set.
            Did I read that right?

          • Marco Rasero

            Akatsuki has very stat only 4000 of Attack.
            What do you think about it.
            How is the growth of statesmen as the level?

  • Adriano Babicz

    Hi Tricks u sair passive like Indra and Kaguya will be less 45% atack..for enemies… but a noob ask.. if i use 2 Christmas Set i will have less 60% atack if both complete sets?

  • Ycpanno

    How good is weaken attack by 30% as a tank effect?