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The Importance of PvE

Today I want to talk about the importance of clearing PvE content like Lab, Six Path Arcanum, Top Kage etc. While it is important to get as far as possible there are certain break points you absolutely want to reach. Clearing additional stages after that simply don’t have as much effect, as they only give a little amount of bonus material which might be not worth the investment to clear it.

As example Senjutsu, you absolutely want to clear the first fight of the first three stones once you unlock it, because it allows you to train each respective role additional clears only give a small amount of fairy’s and can be neglected till you reach R1 to unlock Army’s Wind. Below you find a ranking for each PvE content and the break points you should reach for them.

Six Path Arcanum – All 30 Stages
You want to clear all 30 stages as fast as possible, The stat gain from Six Path Arcanum has no reachable limit, the 400 pills (4k exp) per day are very valuable and allow quick level ups.

Senjutsu – Unlock Vanguard Senjutsu, Assaulter Senjutsu, Support Senjutsu and Army’s wind after R1
Unlocking each type of training should be your priority, to unlock Army’s Wind you have to clear all stages of the normal Senjutsu, but except for unlocking Army’s Wind those are not so important as you only get a onetime bonus of fairy. Same applies to the R1 stone after you unlock it with the first fight you can neglect it, most exp you gain will be either from silver or coupons.

Top Kage
Unlocking the Stars as fast as possible is good, but not as important, the 10 colorful souls you get per day is a very small amount, you will get most of them from Elite Match which you can simply save up till you unlock a certain star.

Forbidden Jutsu Lab – Unlocking each Lab to train
You should try to unlock each lab as fast as possible, the most important one being the Jutsu of Spirit and Jutsu of Pneuma once you reach stage 10~ of pneuma it becomes a lot less important as it already provides a good amount of Jades to train.

Taboo – R1-30 Inferno
You should always try to clear the highest Taboo Jutsu you can on Inferno difficulty. R1-30 is a pretty sweet spot as it provides a good amount of stats but also isn’t that hard and once you completed it on one ninja you are most likely be able to clear the next difficulty on inferno.

Samsara Land – Scary/Nightmare
You want to clear Nightmare but if you can’t don’t worry too much, the stats are only active on the protagonist and with each level it becomes harder and harder to level even if you clear on Nightmare.

Lost Tower
I can’t say much about this because I never had issues with spars, but it does not improve your BP directly sooner or later you will have accumulated more spars then you need.

Legend of Oracle
In my opinion not really important, using R1 EQ is great for stats but can be troublesome for lower level player to swap gear for other activities. You might also miss the stone or the absurd amount of spars you need to max it.

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