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Spending Silver in Summon Beast

I often read people asking if it’s worth to spend silver on beast. You can see in the image below from 1 tails till 10 tails + 10 it will cost you a maximum of 13 billion silver while the 9 tails and 10 tails take a huge chunk of 8,4 billion. After you reach Devil Tails the cost “reset” but will cost 5 times as much.


But lets compare some stats, while the first 10 Tails give rather “low” bonus it’s still quite good.

BeastForce/Chakra/AgiSilver costSilver per Stat
6 Tails+109.3431.646.010.000176.175
8 Tails +1014.4034.645.080.000322.507
10 Tails + 1020.43113.118.250.000642.075

10 Tails + 10 gives 20.431 Force/Chakra/Agi which is almost like a Q10+8 S Weapon for all stats on ALL ninja. Let’s go further and add devil tails.

BeastForce/Chakra/AgiSilver costSilver per Stat
1 Devil Tails + 1025.22513.162.785.000521.815
2 Devil Tails +1031.22013.387.785.000428.821
4 Devil Tails + 1046.84015.294.975.000326.537

Not bad right? The Silver per Stat decreased quite a lot and with 4 Devil Tails + 10 we already get a Q10+10 + Q10+8 S. Weapon on all our ninja for all stats.

So yeah it’s worth it! The first 10 tails will feel very weak, slow and unsatisfying, but once you reach the Devil Tails you will gain a huge combat power boost which scales extremely well with your jades and allow you to compete with higher VIP till they catch up on their beast.


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  • John Shakalaka Lol

    When should i use my changelling scrolls?

    • all legion token

      I usally use them when I have 120+ specially when the beast is still at a low lvl like lvl 0- lvl 3