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Speed Buff and Debuff VS Attack Debuff

Ninja are confused and attack their own team with basic attack, the ninja still generate fury.

Reduces damage taken by 90%

Reduces the chance of your opponent attack to be critical. (90% cap)

Allows Ninjas to segue another attack from his fellow ninja (left from him in the same line in the formation). Punch attack instantly regardless of the ninjas speed

Incrases the damage done – Scales with your Force/Chakra

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

Increases Strategy Attack + Defense

I get asked very often the question who is better Ashura Naruto, Sandstorm Gaara or Chakra Goddess Kaguya unfortunately there is no definitive answer as it always depends on your own and the opponent, especially because one is offensive while the other is defensive. In my opinion speed is one of the biggest factors, having first strike and being able to cripple the opponent team before they can do anything is a HUGE advantage and usually the winning cause.

Let’s take Ninja with Speed Debuff/Buff as example you will not gain any benefit from those IF

  • You are to slow, this can be due to a huge gap in strength or simply because you favoured attack more for PvE purpose.
  • You are to fast, fast enough to stay ahead in the speed battle even without a ninja like Ashura.

While Chaos and Death sound powerful, the chance that your assaulter attack during a fight is pretty slim and way to unreliable. Most fights are decided in the first 2 attacks. This does not apply to Shin since he is insanely fast by default and gets even faster because he is a support, however an opponent shin can just counter him just as good. Same for Orochimaru, while he is not the fastest he is very tanky and is usually able to attack once.

Meanwhile it is the opposite with the attack debuff, while it will always give you the benefit as you’re not bound by a specific amount of speed it will not win you games IF

  • The amount you have is to low as example Indra Sasuke 15% is in most cases to insignificant. Chakra Goddess Kaguya 30% sound a lot better.
  • You never have a chance to attack because of crowd control.

To summarize
Ashura and Gaara are completely useless if you are fast enough or cannot out speed your opponent you are targeting.
Chakra Goddess Kaguya 30% attack debuff will benefit you most of the times at least to some extent, if you are to strong you get some support “just in case” some Aid , Punch shenanigans happen. If your to weak you might be able to counter attack.

If you have topics you want me to talk about feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Adriano Babicz

    Like if u use Gaara and Ashura will have 25% less speed for all oponents right? its a big advantage for pvp!

    • Trickz

      Gaara and Ashura would be 26.5% not 25%.
      If you had read the article the speed won’t matter if you are already faster or stil cannot outspeed the guy you want to outspeed which might be the case if he also uses Ashura and Gaara.

      • Dylan Thompson

        However for pve it can give you the ability to go first and clear stages you wouldn’t have been able to before

        • Trickz

          PvE speed is not important, you will do better with attack debuff and dmg rate debuff.

          • Dylan Thompson

            I have some buff and rebuff too but I got asura before oro came out so I know from experience with him and toneri that I’ve beaten pve stages weeks early due to speed ring(: so you would advise me to replace asura with cgk rather than gaara? I was kinda leaning that way anyways…the harder decision for me is hinata or shin :X

          • Trickz

            I advise nothing, You should look at pros and cons for both ninja and pick what suits you better. But Speed is rather less important in PvE just because you were able to beat a few stages earlier because of said speed debuff doesn’t mean it’s better.

            The problem in PvE is that they have so much speed that it takes a lot to outspeed them and again at some point all that speed is completly useless because you simply cannot outspeed them anymore, While Lab rather has tame requirements this is especially true in RI Senjutsu and RI Top Kage. The stats would be better invested in Attack.

            Just look at some of my Videos, I even use my re nagato with force EQ then ashura simply because he provides a lot more support.

  • Dangreg

    Do you think Indra attack debuff will stack with Kaguya?

  • Jason Gordon

    indra or toneri who is better ?