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Jinchuriki Awakening Info & Guide

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

20.10.2015 – 11:54 added Guide below!

12.10.2015 – 12:41 added initial description.

Jinchuriki Awakening is similar to Occult Technique and Taboo Jutsu. You must gather materials which will be used to craft a Jinchuriki skills. Here is how you gather the material.


You can choose either to spend silvers for single exploration or gold/coupons for bulk exploration. If you ran out of Exploration, you can disassemble your mats for Piece Dust and use them to buy card

Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-2  Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-3


The materials you get come in 4 types

Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-4 Green, Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-5 Blue, Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-6 Purple, Jinchuriki-Awakening-Screenshot-7 Orange

When you have enough mats you can craft them into Jinchuriki skill on the synthesize section


The skills are divided into 2 type and 4 tier.


The types are Normal Jinchuriki Skills which consist of the following


The other types are the Special Jinchuriki skills which consist of the following



While the tier consist of Basic, Advance, Epic and Legendary

Sometimes when you did bulk explore or explore you can also get a Basic/Advance Jinchuriki Skill or Basic/Advance Special Jinchuriki skills

Once you have your skill you can equip it to your Ninjas, similar to Occult Technique but now all of your ninja can equip it! (imagine Indra Sasuke with + 30,000 Speed)



After testing the new feature I recommend to do the bulk training once per day, you will have the chance to get a skill directly. This is a feature that is more of a longterm investment. While the green and blue skills might seem weak they are easy to craft and give a nice immediate bonus which you can use on your ninja till you complete slowly purple and golden skills.

Below you can find a table with a description of all effects and the costs to craft the.

23*Rank 140.000.000
33*Rank 280.000.000
23*Rank 15.000.000
33*Rank 210.000.000
23*Rank 11.000.000
33*Rank 22.000.000
23*Rank 1200.000
33*Rank 2400.000
ResolutionSpeed + xxxBase stat increaseNormal
Firm DefenseDefense + xxxBase stat increaseNormal
WrathAttack + xxxBase stat increaseNormal
Firm WillHP + xxxBase stat increaseNormal
Piercing BoneIgnore xx% enemy DEF when attackingWorks like Ice EQ, very usefull if you can break defenseSpecial
Defensing BoneIncreases xx% reduction rate to reduce furyWorks like accessoires, increases the effectiveness of fury reductionSpecial
Avoid StunAvoid Stun + xx%Increases the effectiveness to avoid being stunnedSpecial
TenacityAdd xx% Avoid Injury Rate after entering a battleFlat Avoid Injury, effect is always activeSpecial
ChallengeAdd xx% Damage Rate after entering a battleFlat Damage Rate, effect is always activeSpecial
Fury ReductionReduce xx enemy fury points after attackingWorks like Occoult Technique Thunder, Flat fury reductionSpecial
Fury AbsorptionAbsorb xx% enemy fury after attackingFury is drained by percentage, the amount you drain is added to your own ninjas furySpecial
HP AbsorptionRecover HP equivalent to xx% damage dealt to enemiesBasicly like Lifeleech, doesn't sound very usefull thoughSpecial
WarpathAdd xx% attack after entering a battlePercentage increase of your attack, great for ninja with DoT or your main DD to break defense, scales very good later especially with attack buffs.Special
Hold FastAdd xx% defense after entering a battlePercentage increase of your defense, useless as most reduction comes from avoid injury.Special
BeheadingAdd xx% damage when the enemy HP is less than xx%Great for Rebels and BeastSpecial


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  • Earozix

    Looking awesome!.
    Do you have any clue if joyfun is on the same pace with updates as anime ninja? I would expect that myself?
    Thank you for the info <3

    • Trickz

      We might get it later today when they update for new events.
      We might get it a few days later. Updates from each eu/na publisher are not far off a few days tops.

  • Malfegore

    So does it unlock at level 100 like in CN servers?

  • Sedrik

    did the skill can be swiched easily between ninjas ?

    • Trickz

      Like occoult technique you should be able to swap them easy if you have the effects unlocked.

  • Brendon Moraes


    To use Bulk Explorer of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd statue Gedo daily?

  • LimitLess

    Trickz, what are General Materials for synthesizing? Cant find anything about it.

    • Trickz

      Probably “joker” like colorful spars, colorful souls etc.

  • David

    How do u get those General Materials?

    • Trickz

      There is no way to get them at the moment.

      • Muhammad Ali

        Well now there is. In event like halloween giveaway and witches trial I topped and received packs filled with them. us s199

  • Monti

    We know something about General Materials ?

    • Trickz

      Joker like Colorful Spars.