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Event Ninja the cost efficent way

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

Recently I talked about how “old” event ninja are most of the time not worth the gold/coupons and you should rather wait one or two months longer to pick up something current, today we extend this even further, so if you did not read check it out here: Why you should not buy old Event Ninja

Picking the latest event ninja every month goes heavy on your wallet, even with the amount gold growth funds we recently got, now the question is do you really have to catch them all? Or even 3 of 5? How can you optimize your usage for the ninja YOU pick, because even if you pick one every month or every second month, unless you spend tons of resources it’s quite hard to make them all equally strong. In PvP it usually comes down to the latest event ninja, as he has a bit more speed than the ninja before but enough to make a difference. In PvE the utility of other event ninja helps a lot without doubt.

Before I want to talk further, this tip is mostly for people who are R1-50~ or already reached R2 on their protagonist because the focus is on the second reincarnation for other ninja. You probably already reincarnated one of your ninja and stopped there, maybe because the ninja was not worthy or you were already saving potency for the next one.

If you decide to go the cost efficient way reincarnate the ninja you pick a second time. You will get slightly better growth rates and obviously more stats for each level acquired, this will allow him to compete with newer event ninja a bit longer, but also allow you to save gold perfect for lower VIP.


You will probably need an average of 4-5 months to obtain enough potency for both reincarnations, meanwhile that 4-5 months should allow you to build up enough gold for your next ninja. So if you start saving potency and gold now you should have enough by December for the latest ninja and will be able to reincarnate him twice “right away”. If you keep up the pace you can get your second ninja in May next year and rinse and repeat, while you might not have many event ninja you will have the “quality” and increase the duration you will use those. If you accumulated enough gold and see a “MUST HAVE” ninja you might also just consider to get him, but let him at R1 and pick up your farm for your next R2 ninja, in the end you should only loose around 30-40 days.

Let me know what you guys think, I’m not one to talk as I usually don’t listen on my own advice.

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  • oromiself18

    I think it’s a good advice especially for low vips (like you mentioned)
    however I decided to do just the opposite: first I’ll complete my event ninja team, maybe get them to pot 50 and reincarnate my Main a second time
    then I should have quite some time get all my Nins to R1, then save up Potency
    and when I’ve done that there should be a new event ninja with an even better R2

    (this may only work with quite some stacked up gold and a huge silver income)

  • Laurent Klotz

    yeah this sound a rly good plan
    will make this next one will be oro but dont think will be r2 cuz no stuff atm
    your webpage is rly good gratz


  • Stoyan Marinov

    Hi there , nice vison and good strategy .I have a question regarding my current situation .I am lv 108 and my current team is I Sasuke/3EM/Main/S Kakashi/R itachi .I have currently at my disposal around 40k gold and 100k coupons . I was planning to go for Toneri/Hamura and Orochimaru , but it seems i can`t get them with coupons so is it going to be a good investment if i spend my coupons on jades/equipment/potency and stuff like that or there will be event soon that will allow me to use coupons to get Event ninjas for bonds ? Also is it going to be a mistake to concentrate in boosting my main potency right now and put on hold the rest ninjas and at the same time invest more in the beast ?

    Thank you in advance wish you all the best .

    • Demir Trtovac

      In my opinion ,it would be such a waste to spend it on jades and something like that.You can get ninja’s with cupons on ninja tresure,it may seem that the current ninja that you need is not in nt atm but it will come soon.And for the gold,you always have to keep from 40 k to 50 k gold saved up for the furder growth plans.So its just a simple game of patient.Simple as that/.

    • Paulo Torres

      I think you are in the right way. Spend coupons with jades, it will be there for everyones you takes in future. Just dont waste all your coupons, use it moderately. You can pick up ninjas from ninja treasure hunt, or whatever it name is, just like i pick recently Edo Itachi for my vang. But, also it will be a older ninja, than that from gold shops.