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Support Us is a non-profit project, but we still have to pay for the server, domain and stuff. By giving us your donation, you are helping this small project keep alive. We are using Paypal as a donation gateway.  To give us your donation, just use this button below.

Current Monthly Costs to operate is: 25€


0€ from 50€ were donated in February 2017
30€ from 50€ were donated in January 2017
75€ from 100€ were donated in December

0€ from 75€ were donated in November
0€ from 50€ were donated in October
from 25€ were donated in September
from 30 were donated in August
20€ from 25€ were donated in July
25€ from 25€ were donated in June

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No one can lives by himself/herself. Neither do I. It took a lot of effort and help to build this simple website. There are a lot of time, money, passion and a lot of things involved in building But I am not complaining and YOU can also help me improve the websites. Any input, feedback, suggestion, comment and request help me

A list of people who donated for this project to cover the server cost, if by mistake I’m missing you just write in the comments below.

Thanks a lot for your help, any donation is much appreaciated!

Name Platform Server Date Amount
Trickz Joyfun EU 28-32 2015-2017
Kashi Itaki Joyfun & ?? January 2017 25€
johan ?? ?? January 2017 5€
Melbhu ?? ?? December 2016 25€
Davros Aiers 181 December 2016 40€
Cecile ?? ?? December 2016 10€
Stine Joyfun/VN ?? August 2016 100€
Amongades Joyfun/VN ?? July 2016 10€
Not Joe ?? ?? July 2016 10€
Davros Aiers 181 June 2016 25€
Eldartau Joyfun US S162 Mai 2016 20€
ACE Playwebgames 160 April 2016 5€
Davros Aiers 181 April 2016 5€
Roux Joyfun EU 123 April 2016 5€
Ghostie  MC Ghosterson Anime Ninja  ?? April 2016 10€
Wessel 120 March 2016 13€
DarkSize 13 March 2016 2€
Eldartau Joyfun US S162 March 2016 5€
Hercules Joyfun EU S191 February 2016 30€
MilfHunt3r Joyfun EU S36 January 2016 5€
Vonakan/ EviL.GizmA Joyfun EU S12 January 2016 5€
Ghostie  MC Ghosterson Anime Ninja  ?? December 2015 5€
Uchiha Garo Joyfun US 189 December 2015 10€
Hozuki Kenji Sagara Anime Ninja ?? December 2015 5€

  • Melbhu

    Hey Trickz. I’m here to hopefully hear from you. I would like more info on the actual cost to run this site. I would love to make a donation consistently each month, but as of right now, I really do not know the status of the site or if you plan on devoting time/effort into it in the future like you have been up until recently.

    I do realize that you have a regular life outside of this site, but I want you to know that everything you have done up to this point has impacted quite a few people in the game. Many individuals, including myself, find your opinions, analyses, and ratings on ninja extremely helpful. There are probably quite a few people waiting for ratings as of right now on the ninja coming out after Madara/Obito.

    Regardless of your decision, I will support your choice as I know how much of a grind it can be at times. Again, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for this game’s community. Your countless hours of editing and adding information as its updated on both the China and US servers has not been overlooked.

    • Trickz

      Keeping the site online costs 25€ per month which wasn’t really reached in past few months. I will not keep this site online on my own for much longer, especially since I’m no longer playing.

      • Melbhu

        I guess my hypothetical question is, if I donate enough to cover the monthly cost each month, will you want and or be able to keep this site updated? Even though you don’t play anymore? Nobody likes wasting money. You know that feeling right now :3

        • Trickz

          The site will stay online and I will translate the ninja every month, but there will most likely no other things l ike guides for new functions and stuff since I can’t really say anything about them. Most of the tips and tricks still apply even now.

          • Jiraiyasennin123

            i really hope we will find someone like u, who could do the ninja ratings and give us new tipps when new functions are coming. we really appreciated it. Thank you, for all your good work until now.

          • Melbhu

            There are actually quite a few things you can write guides on for the more “advanced” players as well as some up and coming players. If you want and or need any ideas, I will be happy to get into contact via email or any other means that is convenient for you. Again thanks for everything you have done up until this point and for everything else you will be doing.

            Also, when are the ratings coming out for all the new recent ninja! Everyone is waiting for the wise Trickz to bless us with his knowledge and feedback! 🙂

            I see our little chat has stirred up some humble hearts in the donation area :3
            Take my 25 as well lol. Happy Holidays Trickz and everyone!

          • Trickz

            Back when I played I asked multiple times to let me know of any guides or topics that people want me to write, there wasn’t much and honestly there isn’t much that I can cover anymore since the basics are already here. Thanks for the donation.