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Real S.ability

In 2015 we released many functions to enhance the main character, in future we will continuously bring such functions online. After the Real S.ability is online, the players can obtain items and collect resources to enhance skills. BELOW IS UNCONFIRMED INFO AND CAN VERY WELL BE WRONG! The system will probably …

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Soul Array

In current version, beasts can add attribute bonus to the team, but in the battle it shows as a bystander. 2016 version will change this. After the adjustment, the beast will join in the fight and use skills to cause damage. This system will increase beasts’ earnings. BELOW IS UNCONFIRMED INFO …

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World Tree

In current versions, if players are offline then get few awards, so we will add this system. The World Tree and Doll’s Adventure has auto-practice and can produce silver, EXP, coupon and all kinds of rewards even without vitality. It can increase players’ earnings to speed their growth up. BELOW IS …

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Wing System

Wings have appeared in Naruto, ninjas can fly with the help of jutsu, some of which are famous, for example, Sasuke’s Cursed Mode, Konan’s Angel Mode, Choji’s Butterfly Mode, etc. The wings are not just awesome and handsome, but also can bring great attribute bonus to you. The players can …

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Kings Jade

Kings Jade Strength-Dragon Jade Spirit-Tiger Jade Agility- Phoenix Jade HP-Turtle Jade 1. Lv 12 Jades can evolve to higher-ranking King Jades with gold. 2. King’s Jades can devour other jades to gain EXP, with more stars, it has more attributes. Have the chance to trigger N*EXP (several times of the …

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