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Buffs and Debuff Guide

Damage over Time effect in depth guide here

Reduces the chance of your opponent to dodge your attack

Physical Defense - Decrases damage taken by Physical Attacks – Scales with your Force

Strategy Defense - Decrases damage taken by Strategy Attacks – Scales with your Chakra

Incrases the damage done – Scales with your Force/Chakra

The ninja with highest Speed attacks first – Scales with your Agi

Increases Strategy Attack + Defense

Today I want to talk about buffs and debuffs.

What are buffs and debuffs?
A buff is something that strengths your OWN team, as example increase attack, increase speed etc. A debuff is something that weakens your opponents team, as example decrease attack, decrease defense, decrease speed but also DoT effects can be counted as debuff.

What type of type of buffs and debuffs exist?
There are 2 types of buffs and debuffs. Active buff/debuff and passive buff/debuff. An active buff is something that is left on the ninja after you use a skill. As example in my screenshot above you see multiple Icons, those are active buffs and debuffs. A passive buff/debuff is not directly visible but hinted by the ring under ninja like Indra Sasuke, Kushina, Ashura Naruto and co.

How do they Interact?
Active buffs/debuffs do not stack with anything that has the same Icon and are replaced the with the last buff/debuff of the same type. As example if you use Reanimated Nagato to increase the attack of your protagonist by 30% but also use Susanoo Kakashi you will replace the 30% with the 15% from Susanoo Kakashi and vice versa. However they still do stack with passive buffs/debuffs. As example Re Nagato increases your teams attack by 30% but you also have Toneri in formation which increases your supports attack by 20%. This means you will have an increase of 56% attack.

Passive buffs/debuffs do stack with the same type. This means you could use Indra Sasuke 15% attack decrease with Chakra Goddess Kaguya 30% attack decrease and get a total of 40.50% attack decrease as long both of them are alive on the field.

The formular to stack debuffs is ((1-30%)*(1-15%)) = -0.4050 = 40.50% decrease

The formular to stack buffs is =((1+30%)*(1+20%)) = 0.5600 = 56% increase

How long do they last?
Active buffs/debuffs last a specific amount of turns, a turn is over after the ninja has attacked. As example Re Nagato attacks and buffs 30% attack on my team for one turn, my protagonist attacks right after because he attacked my protagonist looses the 30% attack buff.

Passive buffs/debuffs are always active AS LONG the ninja in battle is alive. If your Indra Sasuke dies after the first hit you will lose your -15% attack decrease.


Thanks to Ghostie McGhosterson pointing out that debuffs have diminishing returns while buffs have compounding gains.

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  • NinSi

    Does stun count as a de-buff? So if I had a cleanser like Toneri who removes de-buffs could he remove chaos and stun for example. Also I was wondering if a ninja was affected by chaos and lets say his rage was 100, when he attacks his own team would he use his rage move to attack his team-mates?

    • Trickz

      Stun is a crowd control effect which counts as a debuff.

      Attacks from chaos are normal attacks even if they have 100 fury.

  • MAD

    Hi Trickz I have a question about debuffs> Just to make sure will an aura debuff stack with another aura debuff i.e KCM Naruto’s aura (When this ninja is in formation, he reduces opponents speed by 20% and attack by 30%) stack with Rabbit Goddess Kaguya debuff aura (When the ninja is in battle, it decreases enemy’s attack by 30% and increases allies assaulter strat. defence by 40% and phys. defense by 20%) giving the enemy formation reducing opponents attack by ((1-30%))*((1-30%))=0.49=49%?

    • Trickz

      Correct, just read the article

  • MAD

    Alright thx i was wondrin that because some of these reductions come from auras and some come as an additional effect from attacks. Also when i stack the equation 5 times ((1-30%))*((1-30%))*((1-30%))*((1-30%))*((1-30%)) I get 0.16807. is there another equation needed when stacking more then 2 of these auras? or by stacking more then 2 I’m actually losing efficiency? ((1-30%))*((1-30%))*((1-30%))*=0.343

  • Mkd Farken

    Im confused… so if i have 3rd Hokage and KCM naruto in the same team will their attack debuffs cancel eachother out ? cause one is a active debuff and the other is a passive debuff

    • Trickz

      No, just read the article.

  • Dora Saurus

    hi Trickz… wondering how to adjust the formula if my team or opponent has ninja who got speed talent and reduce speed talent.. let say the opponent has oro-hiruzen-itachi+sasuke and shin while i have kcm,hiruzen and momo

    the speed increase of my opponent will be (1.25 x 1.25 x 1.12 x 1.08 = 1.89) with no speed reduce from kcm.. does it mean the formula become 1.89 – 1.20?
    or maybe something else like i must calculate first his actual speed after the debuff then i reduce it by 20%?
    is there any straightforward calculation for such case?

  • bananamantana

    (1 − 30%) × (1 − 15%) = 0,595

  • Jiraiyasennin123

    if i have a team with 3 ring buff 35% and 1 ring buff 25% or a team with 3 ring buff 35% and 1 25% debuff. which one would be faster?
    can u explain the maths for me?

    • Trickz

      The math is explained here.

      • Jiraiyasennin123

        the first one would be 3,07 and the second example would be 1,84. so the first one is faster?